Am I a good developer or I am just a good googler?

GOD! This is an amazing question… I have to admit, though i discussed and thought this a lot of times, it’s the first time I see it put in an article, on this article (omg, .apsx blog!).

Ok, so…

I use google, A LOT. I use stackoverflow A LOT, I use libraries written by others, so AM I a real developer? Because, to me, I mostly use what others have already written and combine them in a smart way to do… small, petty and insignificant stuff…

Somehow, I want this year to contribute to the open source world. To contribute to a famous library, to create a cool project and open source it or even write a library for others to use. Gonna make the series of articles about the achievement system, but hope that it will be more than just a series… because I don’t think i’m just a good googler…

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