I’m less ignorant now

Two years ago I published one of the ugliest games that Play Store has EVER seen. Somehow, don’t know how, it got to number 7 most downloaded apps on Play Store in that period. Reaching around 200.000 downloads.

Things have changed

“Recently”, i ‘got’ myself a new girlfriend, she’s a UI/UX designer(check her work out) and all hell broke loose for me…

Before her, I was the most ignorant person ever! Don’t wanna go into mushy details, but thanks to her, I can see some stuff better. Don’t wanna say that I understand anything related to design, but seeing an app now, I can see what’s bad/good at it. The best part is that I got interested into stuff like this vid…

What i used to do when a new design was aprooved

Yeaaa, that’s so cute, think that’s color grey so i’m gonna use 7c7c7c. That menu is cute as well, think I’m gonna skip it.

What i do now

Dude, the turquoise on this Samsung is different than the turquoise on the OnePlus 2. As well, this button right here is very bad UX, any way we could improve it?

About the app…

By the way, she redesigned the whole app, added fuck loads of new features and made me work my ass of for it to be more than pixel perfect (gonna republish it soon for Android & iOS).

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