We pay for our mistakes

Starting with 2017, iOS won’t allow http connections and will only work with https. Somehow, this information didn’t get to my ears in time. I knew that they prefer https over http, but not that they will now allow at all.

So here I was, 17th of December, playing Overwatch and enjoying a peaceful weekend when I got a news notification on my phone with the title: “Is your app prepared for https in 2017?”.

Stopped the game, read it and started to panic. In two weeks, this change is gonna affect 4 apps and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Now, I’ve never done any SSL stuff so I know nothing about it. None of the legal agreements in our contracts stated that we’re required to do a HTTPS and not HTTP so I could just be a jackass and tell them it’s an unforeseen event that’s not in my ability/duty list to solve it. I could even charge the clients for this.

But no, decided to learn a thing or two about how certificates work, decided to throw my free day out the window and prepare for the transition and most importantly: assume my mistake. It’s my mistake, I’m gonna deal with it.

24 hours later

With too little sleep, updated all the servers to support HTTPS for sockets, apache and strongloop/ibm connect. Made the required modifications to 3 of the apps and will fix the fourth this week.

Pretty happy with myself. An android developer with no knowledge on how ssl/https works, managed to do it in such a short time.

Final notes

  • I know it may not seem much, but for me it is.
  • Asked a friend that works in the field to double check everything is ok and I didn’t screw stuff up.
  • I used LetsEncrypt
  • BRB, going back to Overwatch!

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