Adrian-Alexandru Coman,

Android Developer at HypersenseSoftware June 2015. Sometimes I get to play with Blackberry, Windows Phone, nodejs and mongodb.

Have a personal project i’m working on since Octomber 2014 and managed to launch it and work full time on it since February 2015 at BMBC Premium Solutions.

Currently working as an Android Developer at RCS & RDS since June 2014.

Student at Romanian-American University (URA), faculty of Computer Science.
Manager, instructor and choreographer at Lotus Dance in Bucharest.

I am I was part of the Microsoft Student Partner project and publish several apps to the Windows Store and Windows Phone store.


Find me at:


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.38.28 PM

The phone and e-mail above are pictures cause of bots that detect the @, the [at] or the [around]. Fortunately they can’t read pics yet, but you can 🙂


  1. Claudia

    Sunt multe greșeli în aplicația ”știi sa scrii. Se pot remedia va rog?

      Adrian Coman

      Claudia, urmează să lansăm o versiune nouă a aplicației luna aceasta cu foarte multe modificări, mult mai puține greșeli (fără greșeli, sper eu) și cu feature-uri noi 🙂

      Mulțumesc pentru feedback!


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