Want to insult someone?

Call them talented! It’s the most idiotic thing to call someone that worked his ass off for something. It’s not talent, it’s not something you were born with, it’s hard work! I’m not a good programmer cause I have talent, I wasn’t born with this knowledge, I worked, I coded, I read, I tested, I developed, […]

ValueAnimator problem when using a ReverseInterpolator.

By the end of this week, we’re gonna publish an app for Android and iOS. While preparing for submission, decided to play with it on a Nexus 6p. And then I had a moment of panic when I saw that one of my cute animations weren’t working as I was expecting. Thus, posted about it […]

Moral dilemma

Ok, so I have this moral dilemma. A client wants me to build an application that can’t be killed, can’t be seen and tracks the user. Money is not an issue as he is not paying top buck for it, but the idea is still appealing. So, I just have a moral dilemma, knowing the […]

50 resources in Android – why i’m lazy

So, working on this app, that has cells like this one: See the rounded pink bar to the left? It comes in around 50 colors (it might as well by 10000000) the number is irrelevant. Before I knew it will come in different colors, I just used a png and set it as drawable (lazy, […]

I’m an excelent Googler

Around one year ago, i started to learn swift because I wanted to be an android and an iOS developer. Do both, earn more this way. Stuff happened, couldn’t continue learning, so I started to do swift again 5 months ago. Just that… i found out something… that I can’t! I can’t be an android developer, […]

Android 7 – it’s frustrating!

A little bit of context. In android 6, we got introduced to a thing called “doze mode”. A very very good feature that detects when you are not using your phone (when you are sleeping, mainly) and turns a lot of it features off. Had a little bit of a problem when working with this […]

Clean Architecture

I’m all about being the best I can be at what I do. I accept critique all the time from anybody. If the person is right, I learn, if he’s wrong, I explain why, we start debating and I still learn. So, recently I started to change my code style and started to read on […]

What has testing tought me

I think it’s been a little over a month since I started implementing tests. Recently, I delivered my first full testable app and although I’m just at the beginning, i can feel a huge difference in my coding style. Let me explain. I didn’t feel much of a difference at first, but I opened an […]

Devices I use – my babies

As an android developer, you need to have devices to test on. For the last two years I worked on heavy GPS location based apps and had to test on a multitude of devices. Real devices OnePlus Two: my day to day phone. I do most of my development on it. Nexus 5: got it last […]

Goodies – 1

Small stuff I started to use in the last few days: TinyDancer – for FPS drops. Stetho – for debuging with Chrome tools. I started to use it cause I needed to check network traffic of my app. Vyzor – cause I am lazy, i hate simulators and preffer to not bother and lift my […]

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