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Byte 3 – Kotlin delegations & analytics

Some time ago, a tweet caught my attention in which someone said they created an Android app with no “Base” activity/fragment class. Looking at my apps, I thought that was impossible to do because of the duplicate code you would have. It would have been a nightmare even only for the analytics functions that I […]

Byte 2 – bottlenecks

Working as a developer one of the things that helped me grow was the ability to discover what’s blocking me from achieving my goals and constantly assessing how to have a continuous stream of work. I’m a freelancer and I get paid by the hour, so an hour of waiting for someone to answer a […]

Byte 1: define the state as an enum

Some time ago I had some free time and was looking over the codebase of one of the apps I’m working on and something caught my eye, the constructor looked something like:

From this code, you would get the impression that you could have 8 possible states of the class, but that wasn’t the […]

Byte0: MotionLayout & snaping

I recently started to use MotionLayout in a more extensive way in one of the apps I’m working on. One of the issues I faced was that once I released my finger from the view the snapping animation was too slow and I needed it to be way faster. GIF It’s not very intuitive, but […]

Stii sa scrii – launched

Stii sa scrii was my first app that I build for Android. And we’ve finally launched it again! New design, new game mode, new questions. It’s basically an app that tests your Romanian grammar knowledge. It has only one pack available at the moment with 50 types of questions and 150 different questions. We already have a […]

Fake Retrofit server response

While working on the chat app and knowing that the backend will be done in about 3-4 weeks, I decided that I will not wait that long to test my server connection and responses. Especially, because the flow of the app is pretty complex. Thus, I started to look on how to somehow mock the […]

Chat app

For about a week, I started to document myself to build a chat app for Android. I’ve done something similar one year ago, only that I had a few problems while building it because of the complexity. This time, I decided to be a little bit smarter and, in the process, push my limits and […]

Swift – face detection & problems

Hey, I’m Adrian, an Android developer and today, I did some swift. Hypothesis Have an already build iOS app written in Swift 3 that works amazing. The developer is on a short vacation and I wanted to not keep the client waiting. So I decided to implement a simple feature: face detection! I already knew […]

DataBinding meets RxJava

About two months ago, started to be interested in Android DataBinding as I was familiar with it from the Windows Phone days. Today, I read an article about combining RxJava and DataBinding. Thinking of taking a recent project (casastiti) and try it out as an experiment. Though, “using RxJava with Android Data Binding may improve […]

Want to insult someone?

Call them talented! It’s the most idiotic thing to call someone that worked his ass off for something. It’s not talent, it’s not something you were born with, it’s hard work! I’m not a good programmer cause I have talent, I wasn’t born with this knowledge, I worked, I coded, I read, I tested, I developed, […]