Achievements – day 1

So that you know, this isn’t a prewritten/pre-thought system. It’s a system that I’m gonna create as I go and will adapt to it as I’ll get more experience in using it.

I will not come back end edit if I said anything stupid, but I will post a final long article at the end explaining everything the right way.


I have a droplet on DigitalOcean, it’s the cheapest one, the 5 USD / month one. Installed nodejs + mongodb on it.

The player model looks something like:

The achievement model looks something like:

Will make a call to the server to get all the achievements and store them on the user’s device.
Another call will be made to increment the player progress. If the progress reaches the max_progress of the achievement, the player unlocks the achievement and gets the badges.

I may want to include some progressive achievements, like:
1. Answer 10 questions correctly
2. Answer 100 questions correctly
3. Answer 500 questions correctly

Show achievements 2 and 3 only when 1 was unlocked and achievement 3 only when 1 and 2 were unlocked. Still not sure, gonna talk the idea with the UI/UX expert and come back with a decision.

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