Devices I use – my babies

As an android developer, you need to have devices to test on. For the last two years I worked on heavy GPS location based apps and had to test on a multitude of devices.

Real devices

  • OnePlus Two: my day to day phone. I do most of my development on it.
  • Nexus 5: got it last year in June because I needed to work with doze mode from Android 6
  • Nexus 6p: got it recently because I needed to work with the NEW doze mode of Android 7. My current work on device for XXXHDPI.
  • Galaxy S3: my phone before the OnePlus. I keep it around because it has Android 4 on it and it’s a good device for testing some low API stuff.
  • LG Leon: the most fucked up device I’ve ever worked on (480 x 854 resolution), has Android 5. And i’m using it cause it’s an atipical phone and a lot of people use atipical phones.

Oh, using a Galaxy S4 as well that i’m trying to sell at the moment because it doesn’t stand out with anything from the rest of the lineup.


  • Galaxy s2: small low end device. Use it mostly cause it has low rez.
  • Tablet (2560×1600): don’t have a tablet, kind of hate tablets, not interested in buying one so I use this.

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