Do not press the update button!

This is a mantra for me now. At the office, we had a team working on a game made with Unity. Each time a new build of Unity came out, they were ecstatic over it. Fuck load of new features and loads of bugs fixed and they would always update to get to play with the new toys and…

It always caused problems

If you are currently working on developing an app, do not under any circumstance update your IDE, your libraries, frameworks or w/e you are using just for the sake of playing with new toys. To that in your free time. If it’s an update that fixes a catastrophic size bug, then you may update, else… DO NOT!

So, these folks always had the latest build on their computers, and it always went like this:

  • New version announced
  • Teaser of new features
  • People have orgasms
  • New version gets released
  • People update
  • People loose one fucking development week to see why the project is broken
  • People revert to old version of the IDE
  • People loose another development day to see why the project is still broken
  • People swear to not do that ever again
  • New version announced
  • …….. repeat all the steps again

I gave Unity as an example because these guys lost about 3-4 weeks fixing it. Had this problem with Android Studio with a guy updating to 2.0 at launch day, had this problem with me updating some libraries.

I won’t even talk about getting used to:

  • Deprecated code
  • Missing functionalities
  • New functionalities
  • Moved functionalities
  • Hacks that you did in the past for the app to work and now makes the app to not work
  • Fucked up project structure

Release the product first, then play with shiny new cool features.

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