I have this issue

It’s a trust issue.

I trust people, a lot! I trusted a business partner and he screwed me bad. Now i trusted a guy I thought was my friend and went into business with him only get screwed over.

The fact that I got screwed by the first guy is ok, I learned a lot of stuff from that experience and I kept going. But to be screwed by a friend, is a terrible thing.

We had this startup idea, that we started in three. Me, an iOS developer and Oana (an amazing designer). We had the plan put, we even had a contract for an app, we had money coming in and had two more projects that we were working on.

We made this thing that we trust each other. We don’t check on each other to see what we’re doing. We have our field, we do what we know best and at the end of the week we say what we accomplished and check our future course of action.

That until we found out the iOS project was falling behind badly (1.5 months delay). That’s around 6 weeks minimum in which we got lied to about the status of the project. And that wasn’t that bad, only that another client’s project was supposed to start the very next week and we had our hands full for the next 6 weeks.

That was the moment when we decided to split.

We got another guy for the iOS project and he’s doing an amazing job, but still have two of our personal projects that were left unmanned. While reviewing the code with a possible iOS developer, we got shocked of the amount of bad and terrible code that was in this project. It was written in such a way that nobody would understand what’s there. Ranging from total clutter in the file system, to unused switch’es and lots and lots of repetitive code.

For a minimum of 6 weeks we’ve been lied to regarding the status of the project and it’s a harsh lesson for me… that changed the way I think and act in a bad way.

The morale of the story: don’t trust anybody, be it friend or not.

A rant that I just had to get off my chest… feel it’s been holding me back and I need to just let it go… so I am.

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