I know where my place is

I like to think about myself that I’m an above average programmer. Actually, I like to think of myself I’m even more than that. Still, I’m cocky, but I’m not stupid.

Have a project that I’ve been working on with five other developers (2 droids and 3 ios) and it’s turning into a monster huge ass app.

We got to the point where we hit architecture problem and the only solution that will work on the long run is RxJava. I may be a good programmer, but I’m not good enough to understand the whole concept and can’t risk the project to fail either. Thus, I’m stepping down as the main developer of the app and letting somebody else take the lead. Someone that IS a better programmer than me.

So… starting next week will begin some RxJava experimenting

As well, found this nice link: https://realm.io/news/kau-felipe-lima-adopting-rxjava-airbnb-android/

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