I’m an excelent Googler

Around one year ago, i started to learn swift because I wanted to be an android and an iOS developer. Do both, earn more this way. Stuff happened, couldn’t continue learning, so I started to do swift again 5 months ago. Just that… i found out something… that I can’t!

I can’t be an android developer, an iOS developer, a nodejs developer, project manager, the marketing consultant and whatever else I could be.

At the moment, I can only be good in one field, and that is Android development. If I want to do an iOS app, i’m gonna ask the right person. If i’m gonna do something related to backend and nodejs, gonna hire someone for that.

Yes, I have the knowledge to do backend stuff, but more than a few queries and some rest calls, I can’t and I’m fine with that.

Same with iOS. In the past two weeks, I had to work on an iOS project cause the person that was handling it was on vacation and there were important issues needed to be taken care of. But I am NOT a good iOS developer. Mostly… i just googled, i’m an excelent googler!

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