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Around two years ago, waaaay before AS came out and before I got the approval to use it in the company projects, we used eclipse.

With eclipse, before i started to work on any project, I had to almost copy/paste A LOT of code that now comes with just a line of code with Android Studio.

So… the first thing I do when I create a new project is to add my favourite libraries:

  • Realm.io
    I hated it at first (one year ago) but i’m loving it now and I can’t live without it. I like it so much, that i started using it in swift as well.
  • Logger
    Easier to see and interpret logs, though if overused it gets pretty hard to read.
  • Butterknife
    Removes a lot of the code that i had to write and makes the activities/fragments cleaner.
  • EventBus
    Makes communications between activities, fragments, services and other components look easy.
  • OkHTTP
    Don’t know exactly why I like OkHTTP more than retrofit, maybe because I learned to organize my code better with it. But anyway, THE tool to go to for REST calls.
  • Picasso
    For when I need to download and cache images.

For ALL of these tools there are dozens of posts and threads with which one is better. A lot of them are situational and some alternatives work better for certain circumstances. Like a lot of people will argue that Glide is better than Picasso. or Lumber than Logger. I don’t doubt it, but sometimes the shortest path is the one you know best.

If you have any other libraries that you use or would recommend, drop a comment.

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