Last month I found out that MVP doesn’t stand only for ModalViewPresentor, but it stands for¬†Minimum Viable Product as well.

One year ago

And i’m having a struggle here. A huge one!

I once worked on a project a for a year to make it production ready. At first, I had to work for 3 months only and launch. But as we went along, things changed, we realized we can get new features in, we can make the product cooler, faster, better etc. Without going into details, we launched the product too late. One month too late to be more precise.


Now, as a PM I’m facing the same issue. Working on this awesome app that hope will get to at least 100.000 people in 2 months, 200.000 in 3 months and hopefully, 500.000 in one year. These are huge numbers and there are a lot of things at stake here. I’m really nervous and I want to launch the app at it’s best form! And still… we should have launched two months ago… we should have launched last week, we should launch monday! But… I feel it’s unfinished…

Got to talk with the UX lady and we settled on a MVP and for content for the next two major updates and a launch plan for going international by September.

I feel the app has a lot of work to be done to be considered mature, but waiting too long can and will harm the product…

ETA: 15 June 2016

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