I’m very obsessed with the schedule I have. I have a dance studio to run, a day job, some¬†freelancing and have to take care of my new business. No I don’t want to have less work, I want people to respect my schedule.

My day:

  • 7:00 – wake up
  • 7:30 – respond to emails for
  • 8:00 – read any relevant news
  • 8:30 – code for personal project*
  • 10:00 leave for work
  • 19:30 dance lessons
  • 21:30 code for personal project
  • 23:00 try to do something regarding
  • 24:00 watch a movie
  • 01:00 fall asleep

As you can see, I have no down time, no time for meeting with other people, but when I do have to meet with someone, I have to give up one of the things in the list.

What upsets me is people that at the appointed hour aren’t there and are late (15, maybe 20 minutes).

Another thing I hate are interruptions. That’s why I keep my phone in silent mode, I turn off notifications and only check my phone when I have time…


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