So… I got the job but I refused to go


6 months ago, a friend left for UK, he offered me his spot at a company. A mid-senior position and me only as a junior-mid developer. I went to the interview with other people and I got the job. Furthermore, I got the job together with another ex-colleague of mine that was mid-senior as well and we both got on the same position and paycheck.

Was very excited, it was a confidence boost for me and I felt incredibly good… but… because of stupid reasons, I had to say no to them… and now I regret it.


Now I’m actively looking for a new job. I feel like I’m not evolving and not providing the company that i’m currently at with anything more than just average. The projects are boring, easy and they don’t provide a challenge any more.

So I went to a few interviews… oh boy, do some HR people suck…

And i got a job. More than decent paycheck, but somehow I have the impression I will be under a lot of stress there (sole developer in an environment in which nobody did mobile development so far) so gonna refuse the job opportunity and keep on searching.

Thinking of a remote position, but I’m not sure yet… open to opportunities 🙂

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