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I’m an excelent Googler

Around one year ago, i started to learn swift because I wanted to be an android and an iOS developer. Do both, earn more this way. Stuff happened, couldn’t continue learning, so I started to do swift again 5 months ago. Just that… i found out something… that I can’t! I can’t be an android developer, […]

Android 7 – it’s frustrating!

A little bit of context. In android 6, we got introduced to a thing called “doze mode”. A very very good feature that detects when you are not using your phone (when you are sleeping, mainly) and turns a lot of it features off. Had a little bit of a problem when working with this […]

Clean Architecture

I’m all about being the best I can be at what I do. I accept critique all the time from anybody. If the person is right, I learn, if he’s wrong, I explain why, we start debating and I still learn. So, recently I started to change my code style and started to read on […]

What has testing taught me

I think it’s been a little over a month since I started implementing tests. Recently, I delivered my first full testable app and although I’m just at the beginning, i can feel a huge difference in my coding style. Let me explain. I didn’t feel much of a difference at first, but I opened an […]

Devices I use – my babies

As an android developer, you need to have devices to test on. For the last two years I worked on heavy GPS location based apps and had to test on a multitude of devices. Real devices OnePlus Two: my day to day phone. I do most of my development on it. Nexus 5: got it last […]

Goodies – 1

Small stuff I started to use in the last few days: TinyDancer – for FPS drops. Stetho – for debuging with Chrome tools. I started to use it cause I needed to check network traffic of my app. Vyzor – cause I am lazy, i hate simulators and preffer to not bother and lift my […]

So… I got the job but I refused to go

Fuck! 6 months ago, a friend left for UK, he offered me his spot at a company. A mid-senior position and me only as a junior-mid developer. I went to the interview with other people and I got the job. Furthermore, I got the job together with another ex-colleague of mine that was mid-senior as […]


One of the best articles for beginners (like me) to understand RxJava is this one: At the moment, i’m having a problem with an app that works with Realm on too many threads. After some really really good, painfull and slow code refactoring we got to a version in which the app works, but […]

I know where my place is

I like to think about myself that I’m an above average programmer. Actually, I like to think of myself I’m even more than that. Still, I’m cocky, but I’m not stupid. Have a project that I’ve been working on with five other developers (2 droids and 3 ios) and it’s turning into a monster huge […]


Been working on a huge ass project with around 6 different flavours. Each with it’s name, package, icons, assets, server, certificates etc Until recently, we only had to switch icons for two flavours and I would just move the assets around. But now, with 6 flavours and everything added, there was no way to do […]

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