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TextView with links and different styles

Let’s switch to writing something more educational and leave aside my usual rambling. Today, had to create this screen. Thing is, that the content, may or may not have a link or more inside. And those links should be handled by an in app browser. As well, we have that pound sign (#) that has […]


I’m very obsessed with the schedule I have. I have a dance studio to run, a day job, some freelancing and have to take care of my new business. No I don’t want to have less work, I want people to respect my schedule. My day: 7:00 – wake up 7:30 – respond to emails for […]

Butterknife.. why go the trouble?

Butterknife is one of the plugins I put first time when working on a new project. Yesterday, found a plugin, that removes butterknife: It sounds interesting, it does it’s job, but I fail to understand why would you ever need it? Dexcount? Butterknife uses around 350 methods so if this is the answer. Forget it. […]

I have this issue

It’s a trust issue. I trust people, a lot! I trusted a business partner and he screwed me bad. Now i trusted a guy I thought was my friend and went into business with him only get screwed over. The fact that I got screwed by the first guy is ok, I learned a lot […]

Amsterdam and Hague

One week of vacation time + it’s my bday! I don’t usually take time off and I know that’s a bad thing, but this time… i think one week of relaxation will do magic 🙂 Yes, that’s Android Studio opened… PS: Airbnb rocks!

Why I double read your contract

Just got a nice contract with someone that seems a really cool guy and there’s something that bothers me. The fact that I’m kind of an ass. Has a contract one year ago in which I lost A LOT of money. That was a huge loss for me and I’m not willing to take a […]

So i have this weight problem…

At least, that’s how I call it. Let me go into details. I have 5 jars, and each jar has a unique flavor that I want to taste. The jars are labeled from A to E. What i’m doing at the moment: randomly picking a jar and displaying it. Only that randomly picking the jar […]

Am I a good developer or I am just a good googler?

GOD! This is an amazing question… I have to admit, though i discussed and thought this a lot of times, it’s the first time I see it put in an article, on this article (omg, .apsx blog!). Ok, so… I use google, A LOT. I use stackoverflow A LOT, I use libraries written by others, so […]


Last month I found out that MVP doesn’t stand only for ModalViewPresentor, but it stands for Minimum Viable Product as well. One year ago And i’m having a struggle here. A huge one! I once worked on a project a for a year to make it production ready. At first, I had to work for 3 […]

Achievements – day 1

So that you know, this isn’t a prewritten/pre-thought system. It’s a system that I’m gonna create as I go and will adapt to it as I’ll get more experience in using it. I will not come back end edit if I said anything stupid, but I will post a final long article at the end […]

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