I’m less ignorant now

Two years ago I published one of the ugliest games that Play Store has EVER seen. Somehow, don’t know how, it got to number 7 most downloaded apps on Play Store in that period. Reaching around 200.000 downloads. Things have changed “Recently”, i ‘got’ myself a new girlfriend, she’s a UI/UX designer(check her work out) […]

Tossing blame

In a previous article written in Romanian, I wrote about how much I hate it when people can’t admit their mistakes or be responsible for what they did. It’s very common for developers to say: this previous guy did a lousy job, i can do it better! Heck even I said it a few times. […]

I’d like to code naked…

Fear not, people, i’m not coding naked… but When i was still in college, i used to think that when I will get a job, I’ll always come dressed up nice, maybe with a suit on. I love to suit up. When i got my first job, my boss would come to work in slippers, […]


God i used to hate that show… but now i love it. And i learned a couple of things from it. One being explained here: http://lifehacker.com/281626/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret Basically, trying to get into a straight line of writing stuff. Mostly relevant stuff to IT, but i might write stupid rants as well. Anyway, this is what i’m using […]

That time of the year

Since I graduated, every year around this period I get e-mail from different students that are preparing their thesis. Mainly, they are interested in opinions about their code or what else they could add to their project to make it better. Also, a lot of students, ask for whole thesis projects or offer to pay […]

Do not press the update button!

This is a mantra for me now. At the office, we had a team working on a game made with Unity. Each time a new build of Unity came out, they were ecstatic over it. Fuck load of new features and loads of bugs fixed and they would always update to get to play with […]

Funny thing about documentation

So i have this really cool project i’m working on for basically no money. Working on it with a team of two other people. I developed the backend of the app as well and to make things cool, i wrote a very very detailed documentation about it, nice comments in the code and everything by […]


My worst enemy is the distractions that i always have around me… Starting with stupid people using @channel on slack, continuing with stupid games or apps that bombard me with notifications and ending with colleagues that decide to talk while in the office on the phone about how they want to arrange their clothes drawer […]

English, please?

So… starting today, when and if i’m gonna write stuff here, it’s gonna be in english. So, if you stumble upon old posts written in Romanian, i’m sorry 🙂 won’t delete them, because it was part of my transition, but will put a sign on them to let future visitors now what’s going on. So… […]

Codatul defensiv

Tocmai am primit o aplicație căreia trebuie să îi fac update. Codul este destul de bine scris, dar extrem de defensiv… plin de try/catch-uri și de if (x!=null). Parțial bine, doar că aplicația are probleme și unwanted behaviour și eu nu-mi dau seama de unde… Gonna just let it crash…

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