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Why I double read your contract

Just got a nice contract with someone that seems a really cool guy and there’s something that bothers me. The fact that I’m kind of an ass. Has a contract one year ago in which I lost A LOT of money. That was a huge loss for me and I’m not willing to take a […]

So i have this weight problem…

At least, that’s how I call it. Let me go into details. I have 5 jars, and each jar has a unique flavor that I want to taste. The jars are labeled from A to E. What i’m doing at the moment: randomly picking a jar and displaying it. Only that randomly picking the jar […]

Am I a good developer or I am just a good googler?

GOD! This is an amazing question… I have to admit, though i discussed and thought this a lot of times, it’s the first time I see it put in an article, on this article (omg, .apsx blog!). Ok, so… I use google, A LOT. I use stackoverflow A LOT, I use libraries written by others, so […]


Last month I found out that MVP doesn’t stand only for ModalViewPresentor, but it stands for Minimum Viable Product as well. One year ago And i’m having a struggle here. A huge one! I once worked on a project a for a year to make it production ready. At first, I had to work for 3 […]

Achievements – day 1

So that you know, this isn’t a prewritten/pre-thought system. It’s a system that I’m gonna create as I go and will adapt to it as I’ll get more experience in using it. I will not come back end edit if I said anything stupid, but I will post a final long article at the end […]

Achievement system

I hate it when games make me sign in with my google account to offer me the full experience. I hate it even more when apps ask me to login with Facebook to play with my friends, with google to get some perks and with twitter for extra coins. There are multiple reasons for why […]

Unit tests

Started to learn unit tests and what’s to say… the more I know the less I feel I know….

I hate fanboys…

And i’m a fanboy myself… Had a colleague in college that was an android fanboy and sometimes I would start a discussion with him just to see him spark up and get frustrated. I used to do this even on arguments he was right and I agreed with him just for the fun of it. […]

Cheap stuff

Because I’m an android developer that doesn’t mean I know how to fix your phones camera or install Android 6 on your Galaxy S2. People come to me and ask why their phone is going slow, why they don’t have signal, how they can lower the FPS of games etc or w/e stupid questions. Thing […]


Sometimes we all suffer from programmer’s block. A moment in time where we just can’t figure out how to solve a problem… To pass this we can: Go out for a smoke Get a glass of water Eat something Talk to a ducky I prefer to write stuff here… not always, but sometimes it gets […]

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