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Unit tests

Started to learn unit tests and what’s to say… the more I know the less I feel I know….

I hate fanboys…

And i’m a fanboy myself… Had a colleague in college that was an android fanboy and sometimes I would start a discussion with him just to see him spark up and get frustrated. I used to do this even on arguments he was right and I agreed with him just for the fun of it. […]

Cheap stuff

Because I’m an android developer that doesn’t mean I know how to fix your phones camera or install Android 6 on your Galaxy S2. People come to me and ask why their phone is going slow, why they don’t have signal, how they can lower the FPS of games etc or w/e stupid questions. Thing […]


Sometimes we all suffer from programmer’s block. A moment in time where we just can’t figure out how to solve a problem… To pass this we can: Go out for a smoke Get a glass of water Eat something Talk to a ducky I prefer to write stuff here… not always, but sometimes it gets […]

Romanians and diacritics

Working on an app that is heavily depended on diacritics is kind of strange. Especially with libraries not always supporting diacritics. Realm I’m perfectly aware it may not be a common request and I don’t blame the guys for not implementing it by default. There are other more pressing issues (array of int & string, […]

So I missed a day…

Managed somehow to brake the chain of daily posting… Basically had a very full day. Implement a new feature for an app that was launched yesterday (who the fk does that…). Launch the app in more flavors than initially discussed. Then I had to meet a client and the discusson took  longer than expected… When […]

In a love/hate relationship

In a really really love/hate relationship with recruiters… but as far as  I know most developers are. I’ve met some really really cool people when going to a job interview. My favourites being Vlad Ionescu-Darzeu and Oana Udrea. Really good communication, at one point I forgot to get a call in with them, and they gently reminded me […]

Custom made agile

Was having this incredible talk with someone regarding the methodology they’re using and it went something like: Yes, we’re using a kind of Agile, but it’s custom made to suit our needs. Me: So… you have sprints, daily meetings and stuff? Well, sort of, we have meetings when I have something to tell the team and […]

What libraries i use

Around two years ago, waaaay before AS came out and before I got the approval to use it in the company projects, we used eclipse. With eclipse, before i started to work on any project, I had to almost copy/paste A LOT of code that now comes with just a line of code with Android […]

What i write

I’m a programmer, i’m an entrepreneur and i’m a human. This blog is mainly about my daily interactions with different stuff, a lot of them happened a few months ago but will wait with posting about them so it doesn’t impact the situation that i am in that moment (for example, an interview). I will […]

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